29-10-23 concert Deventer Schouwburg

The rehearsals have started! The approximately 20 regular musicians and guest musicians of the orchestra, together with vocalists Shaza Hayek and Ezgi Köroğlu, will share beautiful sounds with you Oct. 29 in Deventer Schouwburg. Buy your tickets here. 

Review Arnhemse Koerier

In the Arnhemse Koerier there was a nice review! Read it in Dutch in the Arnhemse Koerier

Reisorkest Arnhem

Photoshoot musicians

In February, most of the orchestra reunited in The Hague for a practice session and for the follow-up photo shoot.

Concerts in Deventer, Arnhem and in Amsterdam

On 29 October we play in the Deventer Schouwburg. In the spring of 2023, new concerts are planned in Arnhem and Amsterdam. Several spots are in the pipeline.
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Photoshoot musicians

In December, part of the orchestra gathered in Amare The Hague for a first photo shoot. In February there will be another photo shoot with all the musicians.

(photo Musis by Bart van Hoek Fotografie, photos musicians 1st shoot by Ozan Sarıtepe and 2nd shoot by EFOREZ (Efthymios Stavropoulos))

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